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Barclay Manoil toy soldiers


A history of the Barclay Toy Soldiers company

1922 Barclay formed by Michael Levy and Leon Donze. Named after the street the business was on in West Hoboken, New Jersey.

1936 Long stride soldiers begin replacing the short stride soldiers.

1939 - 1940 The separate tin helmets are no longer produced and the molds are made to include the helmet.

1942 - 1945 Production stops for World War II

1946 - 1971 Post war production

1971 Company closes


Richard O'Brien Numbering is used.

Barclay Images Galleries

Listed by number
Barclay Early (1st Series) (EB1 to EB21)
Barclay Early (2nd Series) (2B1 - 2B22)
Barclay Pre-1934 (Ba - Bn)
Barclay 1935 and after (B1 - B200)
Barclay Post World War II (B201 - B295)

Barclay Artillery

Barclay Early Series checklist
Barclay Main Series B1 to B200 checklist
Barclay Post WWII B201 to B295 checklist

Barclay Manoil toy soldiers

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